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The universe of home massages is not reduced to relaxation and the undoing of contractures: Special massages can help you with different life circumstances.

Different massage techniques will give you different results depending on your goals and your particular situation. We call them special massages because they are usually used for a specific purpose.

From losing weight, improving your health or preparing for childbirth, these special massages will be the solution to a lot of problems.

Each of The three therapies that we offer you here require constancy and regularity on their execution.

The reductive massage will help you mold your figure throughout the different sessions.

Lymphatic drainage will help eliminate toxins accumulated in your lymph.

Prenatal massage will help keep your body and mind in harmony throughout the changes you will experience during pregnancy.

When should you take any of these special massages?

Apart from prenatal massage which is typical of pregnancy and has its very own requirements, there is no restriction to take these massages.

You can take them whenever and as often as you want. Consistency, rather than quantity, will help you reach your goals.

When will I see the effects of these special massages?

Reductive massage will require that you take at least 5 sessions before other people notice a change in you. However, you will feel different and begin to notice improvements from the first session. We recommend to take them twice a week for the best results, yet once a week could be enough if you also are taking care of your meals and drinking enough water.

Lymphatic drainage is highly effective from the first therapy, however, to change your habits and help your body change the way you metabolize lymph, we recommend taking it every week for at least 3 months. This, accompanied by changes in your diet and increased water consumption will make your health improve dramatically with a permanent trend.

Prenatal massage will improve your mood and help you relax your muscles throughout pregnancy. Taking it from the second trimester helps improve labor as well as your emotional preparation for the big day.

Lymphatic drainage – details

Among our special massages you will find the option of “Lymphatic drainage” This type of massage consists of performing gentle and slow pressure along your circulatory system. With the pressure of fingers and hands, totally painless, we will help your body to clean the accumulated lymph within your tissue.

Lymph is a whitish substance composed of what your cells have not been able to fully absorb and is stored within the lymph nodes. To preserve the proper functioning of your lymphatic system, this massage will help your body move the excess of fluid to evacuate it from you.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are similar to those of exercise or any type of physiotherapy: They are temporary benefits that depend on the constancy and frequency in the application of the them.

While you do not have serious conditions, we recommend to take from 2 to 3 sessions a week at the beginning.

After the sixth session, proper maintenance of your lymphatic system can be done every fifteen days or weekly depending on the results you are looking for in your health and quality of life.

Reductive massage

Unlike lymphatic drainage, reductive massage consists of a series of vigorous and rapid movements. The main objective of this therapy is to stimulate your skin cells, muscles and blood vessels to accelerate fat burning, Yet it is important for you to know that with this massage we will shape your body but you won’t lose weight nor reduce the amount of fat in your tissue.

The constancy in this type of massage is what will take you to see the results you expect. You can read more information about this technique in this link.

We recommend that, as in any reductive therapy, monitoring your nutrition as well as your exercise routines is essential to achieve your goal. This massage will stimulate your breathing to increase the oxidation of fat. It will also increase the temperature of your skin and its lower layers to help dissolve accumulated solid fats which will be accommodated on your body by the therapist.

It will not take much more than 3 sessions to see results, however, we recommend taking this therapy once or twice a week for three months to have long lasting results.

Please do remember that this massage will help you shape your figure by reducing and relocating adipose tissue, however, it will not make you lose weight. The combination of a healthy life with this type of massage is what will allow you to achieve your ideal figure.

Prenatal massages

Prenatal massages are not very different from other relaxing massages in general. Its technique is practically the same but adjusted to the reality of the woman’s body during pregnancy.

Especially from the third trimester, the weight of the mom’s body has increased because of the child and shye experiences major changes. This massage is done to relieve mind and body in the face of childbirth. We will work on your legs, back, arms, neck and head.

This kind of massages improve mood and reduce stress.

Prevent against prenatal depression
Reduce anxiety
Decrease the risk of premature delivery
They decrease inflammation in legs and ligaments of the pelvis.
During this massage technique, the therapist will avoid contact or stimulation of the ventral / abdominal areas since it is not advisable to manipulate them during pregnancy. Also the tailbone stimulation will be avoided.

There are no risks when taking this type of massage after the second trimester of the pregnancy.

You can read more details about prenatal massage here.

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