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Services 1

Music Therapy

Music chosen by experts to get you to relax. You’ll rest your mind and your body during the massage session.

Services 2

Everything for your massage

You don’t need to have anything on your house/room. Just a room or some free space in your hall can become an entire Spa. The therapist bring all the material necessary for your massage.

Services 3


Bergamot, Orange blossom, Cinnamon, Mint and other aromas will accompany your therapy. According to the room you’re in, enjoy the essential oils and the aroma spread during your massage.

Services 4

All the massages with oil

It is a frequent question so we’ll answer it. In all of our massages we use essential oils. Close your eyes and enjoy a revitalizing experience for your whole body.

Services 5

No need to dowload any app

You can hire our services through whatsapp, email and by phone. Is it your first time in Mexico? Your massage will be in its way in a couple of minutes.

Services 6

Personalized service

You picked the wrong massage? It can happen to anyone. Don’t worry!

Ask the therapists for the changes you like, from a pressure adjustment to a change of technique.

You can also prolong your massage half an hour for a preferential fee.

Get a discount of $250 MXN for every friend recommended by you.

Share de joy of wellness. Add us to your whatsapp contacts and ask us for your registration code. You will earn a discount of $ 250 MXN every time a friend of yours completes their first massage by giving your code.

Know the variety of our services

The homecall massage you were looking for is here

Be welcome to Mexico City. We have looked for the best therapists in the City and they are ready to assist you.

Services 7
Services 8

Relaxing massages

From soft to medium pressure. These massages will help you reduce the somatic effects of stress immediately.

From $1200MXN
Services 9
| home call massage | home call massages

Decontracting massages

From medium to strong pressure, our decontracting massages will relieve your pain and any muscle inflammation.

From $1200MXN
| home call massage | home call massages
| home call massage | home call massages

Special massages

Prenatal massages, Lymphatic drainage, Reductive massages. Everything you need in the hands of expert therapists.

From $1200MXN
| home call massage | home call massages
| home call massage | home call massages

Deep cleansing facials

Exfoliation, hydration, blackhead cleaning. All combined in a relaxing and rejuvenating session.

From $1200MXN
What are you waiting for? Your wellness is one click away from you.

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Offices y contact

Ndikandií, Calle Joaquín Velázquez de León 63, San Rafael, Mexico City, CDMX


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