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A luxury spa in your home in less than an hour and a half.

Wellness In The Full Extent Of The Word

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Home call massages

Create a wellness sancturay on your own space, no matter if it's your hotel room or your own appartment. The place is on you, but we'll bring the knowledge, the materials and some expert hands to fully restore your body and mind: without you having to leave your home, loose your appointment while driving to the SPA, without dealing with the traffic on the streets and without any additional worries.

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Your massage starts in 90 minutes or less.

No more only previous-day bookings. Have your massage on the same day you call us. Book through whatsapp or our website and a masseuse will be with you in 90 minutes or less if you're in Mexico City.

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The best masseuses in Mexico City.

Our therapists have been chosen amongst the best luxury spas in Mexico City. All of them are professionally qualified as masseuses and have been working as therapists for a minimum of 2 years.

60 minutes

For daily rest

$1500 $ 1200
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

90 minutes

Renew your strength

$1800 $ 1500
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.
Most Popular

120 minutes

Deep maintenance

$2100 $ 1800
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.
Best price

Night fee

Additionalto the cost of your massage.

$500 $ 300
Individual, $600 Couples.
  • From 9 pm
  • To 6 am
  • Book whenever you want
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

Your Home call Massage Is In Its Way.

We work 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Book via whatsapp

Forget about downloading apps to your phone. Book your massage through Whatsapp, email or phone call.
Click on the whatsapp logo..

We accept all payment methods.

You can pay online, with cash or credit / debit card.

VISA, Mastercard and AMEX cards are welcome.

Immediate attention.

We are the only platform that answers immediately at any time of the day.
A therapist will be with you in less than an hour and a half.

Our best qualified masseuses.

Our masseuses have been through tough quality filters to be selected.
Your wellness is in the hands of professionals.

The best massages can only be offered by the best therapists...

The best massages: they bring everything to your home and you avoid the stress caused by traffic on the streets. Isabel has the hands of an angel.

Masajes a domicilio Ndikandií
Tony Serdán
TV presenter

I loved the massages! the gave me and my boyfriend! He needed them because he practice sports, he was in so much pain and afterwards he came up as good as new! I highly recommend them and the best part is that they bring them to the comfort of your home. Nothing is as cool as that!

Masajes a domicilio - Recomendados por Maff Curiel
Maff Curiel

Wow. i've had a lot of massages in my life. this one ranks among the best, for sure! i asked for deep tissue and specified that i like VERY strong pressure.

Masajes a domicilio recomendados por Gregory Q
Gregory Q.
Ndikandií - Home call massages - Massages for companies


Would you like to budget massages for your company or your event?

Call us at 55-4685-6501 or write us by email at

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Frequently asked questions

The most common questions about our service.

We do our best to get a therapist to you as soon as possible. A therapist will be with you in an average of 90 minutes if you are within Mexico City. We’re the fastest platform available in México City.

You can. We accept cash payments at the end of your therapy. Please consider that if you are willing to use Euros or US Dollars, the exchange rate will be defined on the daily retail value of your currency which will not be the same of that one published for online transactions. If you want to use that exchange rate, you may pay by card.

Now you’re ready to enjoy the best massages on Mexico City.

We accpet all payment methods, including cash, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal. Choose your payment method before ending your booking so that we cab bring enough change or the card machine if necessary.

Yes, your health and that of our therapists is of the utmost importance. You may take a bath befor and after your massage and avoid to touch your face during your massage.
Our therapists will follow the hygiene recommendations such as wearing a mask and face shield. They will wash their hands when they get to your home/room and will sanitize all the material.
Your use of face mask is highly recommended.
Sheets and massage material are washed and disinfected after each use.

By following these recommendations there should be no risk at all.

By now there are only female therapists available. Very few patients in the year ask for male therapists, so it’s difficult to retain male masseurs’ on-demand availabilty. We hope this may change in the future.

We are allowed to assist you in most hotels in Mexico City. We can assist you in any hotel in Polanco, Santa Fe, Zona Aeropuerto and similar. Check with your hotel to allow access to our therapist.

Our service is mainly offered in Mexico City, however, we can evaluate the possibility of serving you in the State of Mexico depending on the distance and time the therapist makes to your home. In case you’re outside the coverage area an additional fee of $300 MXN Will be charged Contact Us!

In order to book your massage, we’ll need to know your name and last name, a street name and number (apartment or room number if you’re in a hotel), the length of your massage and your preferred payment method.
Book your massage immediately without login-in or creating an account. There is no other platform in Mexico like this. We want you to have your massage as soon as possible and without worrying about anything else.
Please remember that you must have enough space for the massage table in your room and the therapist must be able to walk freely around it too. You cannot take your massage over a bed destined for sleeping. Our therapists will only use their massage tables.

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