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Costs of mobile massage

60 minutes

For daily rest

$1500 $ 1200
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
Terms and conditions.
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

90 minutes

Renew your strength

$1800 $ 1500
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
Terms and conditions.
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.
Most Popular

120 minutes

Deep maintenance

$2100 $ 1800
  • Massage table
  • Essential oils
  • Relaxing music
Terms and conditions.
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.
Best price

Night fee

Additionalto the cost of your massage.

$500 $ 300
Individual, $600 Couples.
  • From 9 pm
  • To 6 am
  • Book whenever you want
Terms and conditions.
When booking, you claim to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

What do I need to confirm my service?

To generate your request we will need to know:

  • Your name

  • You address

  • The length of your service

  • Your payment method

It will take around 90 minutes for one of our masseuses to be with you after we send your requests to them if your address is in Mexico City. Please consider it may be a shorter time depending on where you are and the time and day you’re trying to book at.

The cancellation of a scheduled service must be made   with a minimum of 2 hours prior to your appointment, otherwise a penalty of  $600 mxn will be charged. If you reschedule for the same day, the penalty will be  $300 mxn  (plus an additional $300 mxn if your appointment was scheduled for the evening).

We do our best to assist you ASAP, please try to book your massage only if you are sure you can welcome the masseuse on the requested time.

Our service is available in Mexico City, and most part of the metropolitan area of The State of Mexico (Cuautitlán Izcalli, Lechería, Naucalpan, Interlomas and Tecamachalco).

Remember that when booking your service with us, your declare to accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

Frequently asked questions

We do our best to get a therapist to you as soon as possible. The average waiting time may vary between 40 minutes and two hours, meaning an average waiting time of 90 minutes for Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area. Our therapists offer you greater immediacy than any other massage platform.

Check the upper section for the cost of in-home massages.

You can. We accept cash payments at the end of your therapy. Please consider that if you are willing to use Euros or US Dollars, the exchange rate will be defined on the daily retail value of your currency which will not be the same of that one published for online transactions. If you want to use that exchange rate, you may pay by card.

Now you're ready to enjoy the best massages on Mexico City.

We accpet all payment methods, including cash, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal. Let us know how you would like to pay for your in-home spa service and we will come prepared with the terminal or send you a link to complete your payment online.

Yes, your health and that of our therapists is of the utmost importance. You may take a bath befor and after your massage and avoid to touch your face during your massage.
Our therapists will follow the hygiene recommendations such as wearing a mask and face shield. They will wash their hands when they get to your home/room and will sanitize all the material.
Your use of face mask is highly recommended.
Sheets and massage material are washed and disinfected after each use.

By following these recommendations there should be no risk at all.

By now there are only female therapists available. Very few patients in the year ask for male therapists, so it's difficult to retain male masseurs' on-demand availabilty. We hope this may change in the future.

Currently, we are the best option for women's massages at home due to our safety standards and our zero tolerance for situations that may put our clients or therapists at risk.

Our home spa services are available in all hotels in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area. We can assist you in any hotel in Polanco, Santa Fe, Zona Aeropuerto and similar. Check with your hotel to allow access to our therapist.

We offer regular service at the following hotels:
Four Seasons
Presidente Intercontinental
JW Marriott
Courtyard by Marriott
Marriott Santa Fe
Marriott Reforma
Fiesta Americana
Grand Fiesta Americana
St. Regis.
Camino Real Aeropuerto
Camino Real Polanco

And more...

Our service is mainly offered in Mexico City, however, we can evaluate the possibility of serving you in the State of Mexico depending on the distance and time that the therapist has to travel to your location. In case you're outside the coverage area an additional fee of $300 MXN Will be charged Contact Us!

To make a reservation, it is sufficient to share with us your name, address, desired duration of the massage, and method of payment.
Book your massage immediately without login-in or creating an account. There is no other platform in Mexico like this. We want you to have your massage as soon as possible and without worrying about anything else.
Please remember that you must have enough space for the massage table in your room and the therapist must be able to walk freely around it too. You cannot take your massage over a bed destined for sleeping. Our therapists will only use their massage tables.

Prepare for the best relaxing and therapeutic massages ever.

Of course, our therapists bring everything necessary to provide you with a spa experience without leaving your home, including:

Massage table
Carrier Oils
Essential oils
Clean sheets

Doing it that way, you run the risk that the therapist may not bring the necessary material for the type of massage you want (for example, the massage stones and how to heat them).

When you don't specify the type of massage you want, we generate an order for a relaxing service.

Try to choose in advance so that you are always attended by a certified therapist in the desired technique and they can bring the necessary materials with them.

Under no circumstances do we offer that type of services. If that's what you're looking for, save time and order them from places that offer them openly.

We do not encourage or promote any kind of prostitution or objectification of women.

Remember that if you request this type of service, you will be permanently banned from our platform.

All our therapists have been carefully selected to ensure that they are certified as massage therapists and/or physiotherapists and that they offer high-quality service.

In adherence to the Olimpia Law, we invite you not to request photographs of women through digital means when hiring professional services.
Help us prevent discrimination and violence against women. We will only assign certified massage therapists in the technique you requested for your service, and if you like her, you can request her again in the future, or choose another therapist.

As the #1 platform for immediacy in Mexico City, it is impossible for us to offer therapist selection to new patients.

You will be assigned the therapist who meets the certifications to offer your desired massage, available in your area in the shortest time possible, and her name will be provided to you.

If you enjoyed your massage, you can request to be attended by the same therapist in the future, or you can request to be attended by someone else.

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