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Personalize your gift certificate by choosing:

  1. The duration of the massage you want to give as a gift.
  2. The recipient’s name.
  3. A massage of your choice.

Ndikandií’s gift certificate

We all know someone who needs a massage and doesn’t know it, that’s why we offer you our gift cards. Is an excellent way of sharing the joy of wellness with your loved ones.

A Ndikandií’s gift certificate lets you gift a massage from 1 to 2 hours for the person of your choice.

Acquire your gift certificate here and ask for a personalized design without any additional cost. The certificate can be sent via whatsapp or email.

We only need the name of the person to whom you want to give the gift You can be sure that only that person will receive the certificate.

Send us a whatsapp message to the number +525546856501 to ask for the personalized design of your gift certificate. You can send a picture if you want, or choose the color of your certificate’s design that will include:

  1. The recipient’s name.
  2. A security code.
  3. Ndikandií’s logo.
  4. The massage time you want to give as a gift.
  5. A massage of your choice e.g. “Happy Birthday”, “A massage for you to relax”…

Once the design of your gift certificate has been generated Since it is you who chooses the gift amount, it is up to that person to decide which massage to take, contact us and schedule their appointment.

Could it be any easier? Of course not.

Characteristics of Ndikandií’s gift certificate.

Ndikandií’s gift card is valid for the amount you have entered in our online store. The person who redeems the service can choose without limit from any of the items in our menu.

His/her gift certificate can only be redeemed once, so we recommend you to book the longest and most cost massage your card can cover as, once redeemed, the remaining balance will not be redeemable for any other service or cash.

The gift certificate is valid for 3 months from purchase. In the event that the certificate is not redeemed within the stipulated period of time, it will lose its value and we will not be able to respect the validity of the purchase.

The current promotions during the validity period of the gift certificate will not apply to the redemption of any massage except for the annual discounts of Ndikandií already indicated in our online store.

Why to give a massage as a gift?

In Mexico there is not yet a culture of massage. It is a fact discussed both in therapist academies and among guild members. There are certain preconceived ideas that usually make us think:

  1. That a massage is an exclusive service
  2. Which is a hard luxury to pay for
  3. It has no utility other than that of the pleasurable feeling
  4. Which is directly linked to the sexual/erotic dimension
  5. It is only for people with extremely high levels of stress – their preventive properties are undervalued.

For these reasons, there are many people who may need to take a massage and, however, don’t plan to take one, at least not in the short term. The gift card is a great way to offer something good, healthy and beneficial to someone who might need it and hasn’t taken the initiative.

General benefits of taking a massage.

Although our service pages express in detail the benefits of each type of massage, we would like to remind you of some of them:

  1. Immediate and significant stress reduction.
  2. Decreased or disappearance of muscle contractures.
  3. Relief from muscle pain
  4. Improved mood
  5. Improved relaxation capacity and ability to rest..
  6. Improved ability to concentrate and deep breathing habit.
  7. Improved sleep quality.
  8. Improved postural hygiene.

With Ndikandií’s gift certificate you can share this benefits with your loved ones and help them improve their lives.

Attention and doubts about the gift card.

We are available to answer your questions and comments before and after your purchase. You can contact us by phone, email or write to us through whatsapp and our social networks at the bottom of each page of our site.

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Certificate amount

$1,200 MXN, $1,500 MXN, $1,800 MXN, $2,100 MXN, $2,400 MXN, $3,000 MXN, $3,600 MXN


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