Cold stones massage


Our cold stone massage is ideal for giving relief to the symptoms of migraine and other nervous disorders. Enjoy it with our selection of relaxing music and cold marble stones.

Cold stones massage

Cold stones massage is the best choice to lessen the discomforts caused by migraine or stress.

Enjoy this technique that combines the best of both oriental and greek wisdom. This therapy is highly effective at combating migraine, nerve colitis, gastritis and some other stress-derived conditions.

This relaxing massage will help you pay more attention to your body.

By coming back to yourself through the feeling of cold stones, we will help you focus on your breathing. Paused and conscious breathing throughout the massage will help you relax your muscles.

Both the cold of the stones and the focus on your breathing help the stimulation of the vagus nerve. Taking care of this nerve that is born in the skull and runs through our entire body we have the opportunity to relieve stomach discomfort of nervous origin.

The massage is developed with marble stones at low temperature. Thanks to the contact with the stones and the sustained sensation of the cold, the stress hormone (the cortisol) will react immediately, first rising and then decreasing throughout the therapy.

Similarly, breathing along with the action of the vagus nerve reminds your body that it is in no danger, so your muscles relax. This massage is ideal for people with chronic stress or digestive problems.

Benefits of the cold stones massage.

Cold stone massage seeks to inhibit inflammation of skin and subcutaneous body tissues. Through the application of stones at low temperatures the contraction of the blood vessels is caused, improving circulation.

Accompanied by a light massage and stretching exercises, this massage is ideal for combating migraine.

Cold stones, when making contact with the skin, activate neurotransmitters in specific areas of the body that help us focus on ourselves.

With the manipulations of the stone in your arms, legs, feet and head you can relax, notice the tension in your body and release it in a natural way.

This massage has sedative and analgesic effects as well as being very pleasant.

We will exchange the position of the stones so that you can enjoy them in different areas of the body while we will put pressure on different points to help your muscles relax.

Do not hesitate to notify us in the event that you have migraine since this massage has been mainly thought to reduce the symptoms of it.

Characteristics of the cold stones massage.

During this massage, we will carry marble stones previously cooled by us and maintained at low temperature. We will accompany your massage therapy with gentle and relaxing aromatherapy.

With cold stones we will put pressure on different parts of your body to stimulate relaxation, and cause the flow of neurotransmitters related to pain and stress. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Cold stone massage is highly recommended for people suffering from neurological ills. Likewise this therapy is highly effective at reducing nerve colitis, gastritis and some other stress-derived conditions.

If you have an injury or wound that prevents from taking any other massage, this may be the ideal choice for you. You will find relaxation with the aroma-therapy, music and contact with cold marble.

We’ll put the cold stones on your face, hands, legs and abdomen. The feeling of the cold stones will help you relax. You’ll notice that the reduction in temperature, in your body will also decrease the existing inflammation.

Recommendations after the cold stones massage.

  1. Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  2. Try to relax in what’s left of the day.

Terms and conditions.

Remember that by booking the cold stones massage you agree with our terms and conditions.

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