Reductive massage

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Our reductive massage helps you shape adipose tissue into areas such as legs, thighs and waist. It’s not a weight loss massage but to help you shape the body, lose sizes and more easily purify the toxins your body needs to remove.
It is not a substitute for exercise or a balanced diet.

Reductive massage

Reductive massage involves a technique designed to move adipose tissue and relocate it so that the body can dispose of it naturally.

To shape and relocate the adipose tissue of your body accumulated in the tissues, in this massage technique we will apply quick and firm movements. Reductive massage accommodates excess solid fats in your body but also helps eliminate them.


Let’s mold your body with our hands through the different manipulations. Its greatest effectiveness is reached at 10 sessions.

It is important to remember that this therapy is not for weight loss, but of size. Massage will shape your body but is not a substitute for a food or exercise plan.

It is necessary to review your own health, eating and exercise habits so that the effect of massage is noticeable quickly.

Consistency in taking this treatment along with changing lifestyle habits, nutrition and exercise can help keep results permanent.
In addition to focusing on the aesthetic benefits, with reductive massage we will help your body get rid of all kinds of accumulated toxins. Fast, firm movements will cause debris to come out through urine and sweat.

Characteristics of the reductive massage

This technique has modeling properties. It helps improve the distribution of adipose and muscle tissue in your body.

It also has firming properties to avoid problems of sagging skin in those who have dropped weight or in women who have given birth recently.

We remind you that the reductive massage serves to reduce sizes but not to lose weight.

This is because through the different manipulations we will accommodate body fat in the areas that should be. However, to burn fat we recommend a balanced diet and constant cardiovascular exercise.

Reductive massage may be the best option to wear that dress or swimsuit you have saved if you still don’t get the desired figure. We’ll help you relocate the adipose tissue in your waist so you can see a reduction in sizes faster while still taking care of your diet and physical activity.

Whether you exercise regularly or not, with this massage you will see results in a short time thanks to its modeling effect.
Using sufficient lubrication, our therapists will perform high-intensity, strong movements on your body. The purpose of these manipulations is to shape body fat.

And if…

To model that fat, is necessary to generate heat during for a sufficient time. This means that it is a massage with which you are going to sweat, but you will see that you will feel very good. Through friction in your body and consistency in therapies, we will shape excess adipose tissue. You will also enjoy the best of our selection of music and aroma therapy in each session.

Benefits of the reductive massage

It improves the effectiveness with which our body transports nutrients in the circulatory system, muscles and internal organs.
Decreases the volume of the interstitial fluid (excess fats or non-assimilated proteins).
Causes venous return and re-absorption of non-assimilated proteins.
Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage.
Model body fat by removing it from unwanted places and focusing where it’s best for aesthetic purposes.

Before receiving your home call massage

Remember that we do not recommend eating too much before taking your massage.
Our therapists will always appreciate your personal hygiene when being attended.
See your doctor if you may have a condition that contraindicates this type of therapy.

At the end of your reductive massage

Reductive massage consists of vigorous and continuous movements that will increase your body temperature. We recommend taking it once you’re not going to leave your home. In the event that your schedule does not allow you to rest, open up well and avoid sudden changes in temperature.
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