Decontracting massages

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Why should you take decontracting massages? What is a contracture? Who has them? These are questions you can ask yourself when you hear this words together, but in Ndikandií (sea-can-see) we are ready to answer them.

What is a contracture?

A contracture is the contraction -sustained over time involuntarily- of a muscle. It causes pain and alters its functioning.

Although they are not major injuries, contractures are not normal and it is not good to get used to them. Contractures may even be indicators of other physical or emotional disorders in our lives.

What causes contractures?

Our decontracting massages will give you immediate relief from muscle pain.

There are different causes for us to develop contractures. Here we enlist the most common of them:

Unusual movements / poorly done or high impact exercises.
Lack of physical activity for long periods of time.
Bad healing of damaged muscle tissue.
Somatized stress, anxiety or depression. Muscles contract when we carry large unresolved emotions.
Bad postures when walking, standing or sitting in front of the computer.

It is important to emphasize the third cause: stress.

It may not seem like it, but it is one of the most difficult causes to solve when we talk about contractures. In addition to our home decontracting massages, we will always recommend you monitor your stress levels for lasting relief.

Some experts describe stress as a feeling of oppression or lack of space. In fact, the word stress comes from the French “étroitesse” which just means: narrowness.

Different types of stress can generate different types of contractures. Decontracting massages will not only give you relief but will help you better understand the causes of your discomforts. Stress in your body is nothing but a manifestation of what causes imbalance in you.

Why should you take decontracting massages?

Depending on the technique used, decontracting massages will undo the different contractures in your body.

Taking care of your emotions is also important when talking about contractures. Yes.

But it is also necessary to heal and work on your body muscles.

Because not all contractures are of emotional origin. You should not forget this.

Decontracting massages directly stimulate the muscle. They help you to “oil your machinery”. They relax the knots that have been formed on your tissue.

During this type of massage, cervical (neck), dorsal (back), and leg contractures are deeply treated.

There are decontracting massages that will intervene directly on the affected muscle groups while other massages will focus on the nervous cause of the contracture.

No matter the slope of decontracting massages you choose. The muscle stimulation, deep breathing and relaxation that these massages will give you will also provide you with deep relief.

Our recommendation: Do detect the origin of stress.

If your contractures are of nervous origin, we recommend you to choose our Swedish Relaxation massage. This technique is not very invasive nor painful with the muscle and focuses mainly on undoing the contractures through stabilization of the CNS (Central Nervous System).

If your contractures come from a physical cause, we recommend our Deep Tissue therapy. Unlike Swedish massage, such decontracting massages will directly stimulate muscle tissue. No contracture will stand this therapy.

If you are just beginning to take massages, we recommend combining the techniques you select over time. Work hard on your muscles with decontracting massages, then give yourself a break with our relaxing massages.

Consult your doctor

Our therapists are trained to intervene directly on the different types of contractures, however we also recommend consulting your GP.

Our massages will give great relief to any pain generated by contractures but a health professional can also determine if additional treatment is necessary.

Remember that contractures can have different origins: both physical and emotional. A doctor can guide you on the best way to get rid of them.

Are you ready to change your life for good?

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