Massages near you

Ndikandií: The best massages near you.

Close your eyes and imagine a world where stress can disappear. It will be just as simple as ordering food at home or calling a private driver to take you somewhere else.

We did close our eyes and the answer was simple: we had to bring spa massages to both your home an hotel room. This is how Ndikandií /(pronunced Sea-can-see) was born.

Call us today and book with the best and most varied massages in Mexico. All of our services are given on your hotel room or your home.

Our therapists have been selected from the best SPA’s in Mexico City.

A therapist at your home in less than hour and a half.

Booking is as easy as sending a WhatsApp.

Without leaving home.

At your hotel room.

In your office.

Certified therapists.

Professional masseurs.

Service throughout Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area.

A great variety of services: relaxing, decontracting, and special massages.

What do you get when booking massages with us?

When you hire a home massage with us your only concern will be to relax and recover your energy.

We carry everything you need to your house / hotel room so that your therapy is not only unforgettable but also 100% therapeutic. with immediate results:

Our portable massage tables are no larger than a single-size bed.

A pair of clean sheets for the stretcher and to cover you.

Hypoallergenic, coconut or almond vegetable oil.

Essential oils according to your massage.

Essential aromatic oil.

Music player.

Professional therapists.

The best post-massage care (We will give you personalized advice to improve your general condition).

A massage a month would do the whole job

You may not believe at first when you listen to the benefits a massage a month could give you.
Your life could change drastically for good by adding this habit to your life.

One single massage is powerful enough for you to notice immediate changes in your health.

Imagine what might happen if you could take massages more frequently

It would reduce the amount of medications you take.

You will deal with both stress and migraines better.

You will have much less headaches.

Stop being chronic tired!

Enjoy its antidepressant and anxiolytic effects.

You will get less sick: You will strengthen your immune system. You will improve your life.

You will stop spending on other habits to de-stress: alcohol / cigarettes / medications.

A massage does not negatively impact your health nor have side effects.

Ndikandií Massages – Long Tradition to heal your body.

Since ancient times, massages have been a natural remedy for many discomforts.

Among the alternative therapies that exist, massage is the one with the greatest scientific basis to verify its execution, effects and to measure its results.

That is why we have created a platform to get in touch with health and wellness professionals. All of them are certified in their skills and have years of experience working in SPA’s and attending patients at home.

We want to contact you with the best massage therapists in Mexico that we have selected for their performance in the most prestigious and quality SPAs in the city.

Why take home massages to de-stress yourself?

The physical, therapeutic and professional contact of a massage makes you release the same endorphins that your body produces when you eat chocolate, exercise or hug a loved one.

Taking a massage to relax is a natural option:

You do not ingest external substances.

It is rather different from medication.

There is no frequency limit.

There are no side effects.

It does not generate dependency.

It does not cause addiction.

What substances does your body generate when taking a massage?

Serotonin – essential for maintaining good mood and everyday hapiness.

Dopamine – necessary to feel cheerful and stable.

Oxytocin – the love hormone

No medicine.

No addiction.

100% natural and generated by your own body during your therapy.

A massage is a natural way to heal your body with the resources that already lay within it through stimulation and kneading of the muscles.

What does “Ndikandií” mean

We are a Mexican company and we hope that over time our work does not only remain in Mexico. Ndikandií is a name difficult to remember and pronounce even for mexicans.

We know! We really do!

In fact, it is pronounced “Sea-can-see”. It is a Mixtec (ancient mexican culture) word which means “Sun”. And so, our logo is a sun that ,with its healthy light, gives life and warmth to those who are walking through dark moments of life.

By choosing this name we want to pay tribute to the people who once lived in Mesoamerica and take their memory beyond the borders of Mexico along with their knowledge.
Whoever sees our logo and our name will know that we are Mexican, even in Holland, France or in China.

Your life is about to change for good, we know because you are here.

Why at home?

Going to a SPA is a very rewarding experience. We ourselves love it!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have never set foot in a SPA and are not planning to do so soon.

Whether because of their education, shyness or because they believe a massage is an unnecessary luxury. There is not yet a strong culture of massage in Mexico.

In addition to that, we are in the millennial era. The era of home services …

Having no rent, maintenance and land use costs, our therapists can earn more at the time we charge you less money. 🙂

It is an excellent way to provide quality service and ensure that everyone wins.

Ndikandií – Mexican “apapachos” for the world

Forget about muscle contractures, back and headaches. Taking massages at home is not a luxury that you deserve from time to time; It is a true way to recover what your daily battles take away from you.

We have divided our services into three broad categories.

Know them all!

Relaxing massages

Special massages

Decontracting massages

We believe that a world without stress is a better world. Know us! We want to be your allies in your daily struggles.

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In Ndikandií our mission is that your body has the ability to respond with the same force as your spirit; That is why we have decided to take home massages to the next level.

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