Package of 10 massages

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Get our 10-massage package and get 10 sessions with the duration of your choice to take them as and when you want to, having a benefit of 15% discount.
You choose when to take them!
Your purchase is valid for 3 months and you can request the massages at any time.
You can defer it to 3, 6 and 12 months without interest by paying with PayPal.


Package of 10 massages

Our pack of 10 massages is designed for those who want to change their life definitively. Get a discount of 15% by purchasing 10 or more massages, no matter if they are of 1 hour, and hour and a half or two hours.

Give your body the rest that it deserves, don’t worry about the availability of our therapists. Schedule your appointment in advance from a week to two hours before you want the service.

Remember that only in the event that your massage takes place after 9 pm you’ll be charged with an additional fee of – $300 MXN -. Otherwise, your package completely covers all your therapies.

Similarly, if you purchase a package of a certain duration and later wish to extend any of your massages, please remember that you will need to cover the full cost of the extension without any discount.

With this package, you not only guarantee that you develop the habit of taking massages, but you will also enjoy a preferential price.

As with individual massages, when purchasing your package of 10 massages you can request the same therapist for all the massages or the one that is available and closest to your home at the time of your service.

You can also schedule all your massages for the same time and the same day of the week. That way you won’t need to call us for every massage. We’ll send you a message to confirm your service.

Remember that by booking the services for your package of 10 massages you can choose different techniques of massage. It is an excellent opportunity for you to try the different massages of our menu, or to enjoy for you to enjoy several sessions of your favorite massage.

Some recommendations to make the most of your pack of 10 massages.

We generally don’t suggest taking our strongest massages like Shiatsu or Deep Tissue too often. If you want to purchase this package to fully recover from your contractures, we recommend you to alternate the massages

You can take a strong massage massage at the beginning of the week, and then a relaxing one at the end of it.

On the other hand, the constancy when taking massages will give you greater results than doing it daily. Our advice is to take a massage per week or one every two weeks Twice a week if you consider it necessary.

Why to purchase a package of 10 massages in advance?


To make a package of 10 massages is easy. Make use of it, not that much. We want to tell you from today that you will realize when purchasing your package that there will always be excuses for not taking your weekly massage.

From an unexpected meeting, a beach getaway or a family reunion, you can always present something that prevents you from receiving your therapy, even at home.

That’s why we wanted to insist on making a package for you.

Because taking a massage is amazing (we love it) but to take care of your health there is nothing like constancy.

When you purchase your package of 10 massages in advance, you not only have access to a preferential price but you also form a new habit.

Even if it doesn’t look like it. The habit of taking massages regularly can change your life.

If the pack of 10 massages does not convince you, you can also call us and buy in advance a pack of 5 massages. You will get a 15% discount on the value of the individual massage.

Validity time of the massage package.

Your pack of 10 massages is valid for 3 months. You have 3 months to finish your massages in the order and as often as you want.

We recommend taking one or two per week depending on how you feel.

At the end of 3 months your purchase will expire and it will be necessary to purchase a new massage package.
Don’t worry.

If you buy your package and you notice that you are running out of time, you can order your massage every day.

The important thing is that you make the most of it and when you finish it, you can get to know yourself better and decide with what lapse of time you will take your next massages.

Give a package of 10 massages as a gift.

The pack of 10 massages has also been designed to share. If you want to give this package to someone else, you can make your payment and tell us the details of the person you are going to give it to.

We will add that person to our database and send you constant reminders to make use of your 10 massages.

Few gifts are as beneficial as the gift of wellness
If you want to give away the massage package, tell the person you give it to about the 3 month validity time of your gift certificate so you don’t lose a single one of their benefits.

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