Hawaiian massage

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Enjoy the benefits of a decontracting massage in the comfort of your home with your best relaxing massages and the forearm technique “Lomi Lomi”. This massage is performed with warm coconut oil.

Hawaiian massage

Our Hawaiian massage is a great way to transport you to the distant Pacific Islands without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s one of our favorite massages. Tribal music will help you relax and manipulations will undo the most rebellious contractures.

This massage has the benefits of a decontracting massage but will also give you a high level of relaxation. For this reason it is the one indicated if you are undecided between taking a relaxing massage or a decontracting massage.

During Hawaiian massage we perform firm and repetitive movements throughout the body. Massage is done with forearm technique and hot coconut oil.

We combine the decontracting therapy with the best of relaxing massages
We attend head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Remember that our therapists are not allowed to manipulate the upper leg or groin.

We use hypoallergenic coconut oil to prevent any allergies or unwanted skin reactions.
Endemic Hawaiian music will transport you on hundreds of adventures by the sea.

Characteristics of Hawaiian massage

This massage is ideal to undo contractures, reduce the inflammation of the muscle and correct the negative effects of bad postures when being at the computer, practicing any high impact sport or lift weights.

The forearm technique used in hawaiian massage guarantees that your whole body receives the best attention possible and that we won’t neglect any area. At the same time, we will seek to achieve the natural relaxation of your muscles evenly.

Hot coconut oil poured on your skin will make it easier to relax your muscles. No matter if the inflammation of your contracture is of physical or emotional origin, it will be significantly reduced with this massage.
Focus on your natural and deep breathing to cause the body to relax and thus distends the contracted muscles.

This massage will instantly improve your mood and physical health.
At the end, our therapist will give you a general evaluation and some recommendations to improve your physical condition.

Recommendations for your hawaiian massage.

We recommend keeping your eyes closed throughout the service and making sure that your breathing stays deep and natural throughout the hour, this will allow your body to reach a greater degree of relaxation, enhancing the effects of massage.

You can take the hawaiian massage as frequently as you want.
We only need you to have enough room for the equipment and for you to relax, cause you’re in good hands.
We do not suggest eating food at least one hour before starting your therapy.

If you are in any special condition such as pregnancy, recent operation or medical contra-indication to receive massages, please notify our telephone staff when making your reservation and your therapist. We are not responsible for side effects arising from such condition.

General Terms and Conditions.

Please note that our therapists may interrupt service at any time in case the terms and conditions of service are not respected. There are no refunds in such situations.

All our massages are provided in underwear: you must stay in panties, boxer or underpants at the start and end of the service.

We suggest wearing a bathrobe before lying on the massage table.

Our therapists do not provide service to naked people. This causes the cancellation of the service.
Our therapists are health and care professionals at SPA, please don’t ask them for anything outside their service.

Our platform does not offer or promote any kind of erotic services.
Consult this link to know all of your terms and conditions.

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