Ayurvedic Massage

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The wisdom of the East comes to Mexico with this massage. Enjoy it in the comfort of your home according to your dosha: vatta, pitta or kapha. The therapist will adjust your session based on a short questionnaire that we will send you by email or whatsapp.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage finds its origin in traditional Indian medicine. “Ayurveda” is a word of Sanskrit origin that means “vital knowledge”.

During this therapy we will use all our knowledge adapted to your personality and complexion to seek your greatest well-being. This massage will adapt to your physical complexion and emotional state so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

In our Ayurvedic massage we will seek to balance your senses to heal the evils that afflict you. According to your Dosha, – The Hindu word for personality and complexion – we will offer you one of the three variants of the massage:

Vatta- Skinny Complexion / Anxious Character
Pitta – Medium Complexion / Tempered-Energy Character
Kapha – Robust Complexion / Passive Character
The goal of this massage is to balance your senses, emotions and energy in the body.

How do you know what type of Ayurvedic massage is for you?

When purchasing the Ayurvedic massage, we will send you a questionnaire via whatsapp or email.

This questionnaire will help us determine the massage indicated for you. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine your complexion, personality and metabolism in general terms so that your massage gives the best results.

Similarly, if you have any injuries, pain or contracture, it will be the right time to let us know so that the therapist adapts to your situation.

Depending on the questionnaire responses, we will define the appropriate Ayurveda technique for your specific dosha:
Vatta: A massage for people with ectomomorphic complexion and accelerated metabolism. It is accompanied by relaxing/anti-stress essential oils with soft and reassuring music.

Pitta: Therapy for mesomorphics with an average metabolism. It is accompanied by citrus and/or lavender essential oils. The music will have a steady rhythm to fill you with energy and relax at the same time.

Kapha: A massage thought of indomorphic people with slow metabolism. It is accompanied by stimulating and energetic essential oils. The music will be rhythmic so you can get up full of energy.

Specific essential and vehicle oils will help us to give you a massage that’s more suitable for you in order to achieve your equilibrium state. In addition, the therapist will make all the necessary adjustments during your massage for your greatest well-being.

Benefits of Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurvedic massage helps stabilize body and spirit naturally. The 5 senses are involved on in this massage: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing

This therapy variant may change depending on our therapist’s evaluation of you. You may need more attention at some point in your body than others.

The pressure and rhythm of the massage can also change between Vatta, Pitta or Kapha. At the end of therapy we will give some general advice of Ayurved wisdom to improve your life according to the dosha (complexion and personality) in which we place you.

Recommendations before your Ayurvedic massage.

Because we will use essential oils for your therapy, we suggest taking a bath before receiving this massage and doing it in an area of your house where there is no aroma that can dominate that of aromatherapy.

Remember that your personal hygiene is very important so that the therapist can carry out her work in a pleasant way.

We do not recommend consuming large foods or beverages at least one hour before your therapy.
If possible, we recommend reducing the amount of light in the room where you receive this massage.

At the end of your Ayurvedaic massage.

The therapist will remove excess oil from your body and provide you with a towel so you can continue to remove it at will.
Remember that oil can stain your clothes, if you decide to leave it, we suggest wearing a bathrobe and avoid contact with your clothes.

Terms and conditions.

By booking your massage, you declare your acceptance and commitment to comply with our terms and conditions.

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