Holistic Massage

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Our holistic massage employs the best techniques of relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage becoming a gentle pressure therapy in general but firm where it is necessary. It deflates tissues, reduces fluid buildup and changes pain for a general sense of relief and pleasure.

Holistic Massage

The holistic massage acquires its name by the Greek prefix “Holos” which means “Everything”. It is a massage technique that seeks to completely relieve the discomfort of the body caused by stress.

During this massage, the therapist will combine low, medium and strong pressure manipulations to relieve your body. The massage will progressively advance in your muscles helping you rest your whole body.

The holistic massage is ideal for those who start taking massages as it combines different techniques with harmony depending on your present situation.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your overall health to intervene more effectively.

The method of this massage includes a scan of the body to detect inflammation, fluid retention, contractures and joint dysfunctions.
In addition to the physical attention provided by this massage, our therapist will also interpret the psycho-somatic signals of your body. Emotions such as anger, worry and anxiety often have muscle effects that we will try to alleviate throughout this therapy.

Benefits of taking the holistic massage frequently.

By incorporating a massage, at least once a month, you’ll notice some of the following changes:

  1. Strengthening of the central nervous system.
  2. Ease to voluntarily relax muscles.
  3. Awareness of key stress points in the body.
  4. Ease to fall asleep.
  5. Prevention against cardiovascular diseases
  6. Prevention against stress contractures.
  7. Overall mood improvement.

The holistic massage is a therapy you can take as frequently as you want Some of our clients take it even more than once a week Would you like to try it?

Recommendations when taking your holistic massage.

Close your eyes and relax.

This massage will have greater and better effects if you take it in a state of deep relaxation. Try to forget about any activity that stresses you or causes you emotional distress, at least an hour before your therapy.

Focusing in your breath is of utmost importance A short, accelerated breath is interpreted by our mind as a sign of danger. In the other hand, a long slow breath tells our mind that there’s nothing to worry about. We recommend you to take deep long breaths so you can enjoy the aromatherapy.

Inhalations during holistic massage should be nasally or with breaths while exhalations should done through the mouth and slowly.
By controlling the rhythm of your breathing, you’ll allow your body to relax muscles, lower blood pressure and heart rate. The state of relaxation will help you remove cortisol excess in your body and feel less stressed.

Recommendations to improve your experience.

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  1. Take your holistic massage in a room with low or moderate light.
  2. Keep two electrical connections within reach for the therapist to connect the essence diffuser and music.
  3. Taking care of your personal hygiene before taking the massage will make your experience and the therapist’s work more effective.
  4. Some of our clients prefer to take two hours of this massage.
  5. Enjoy of our prehispanic music selection or use your own playlist.

Similar therapies.

Holistic massage is an extremely complete therapy, however, your specific needs may require another type of massage. If you are looking to improve your mood and your overall health, you may want to know more about our relaxing massages. We also invite you to read our article: what massage should I take?

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