Relaxing Massage – Immediate and natural relief against stress.

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Massage with essential aromas and soothing music. The best choice for you if you have previous experience with massages or if ti’s your first time. You’re not going to regret it! Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in your home.
60, 90 or 120 minutes sessions.

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is the most popular among its other styles It doesn’t matter if have years of experiences taking massages or if it’s the first time you take one. You’re certainly gonna love ti.

This technique is more common and requested, because everybody loves it. Even though it doesn’t have the same properties as other more elaborated techniques, its effects are immediate. We’re sure that you’re fall in love with it.

During your service, we perform slow and repetitive movements throughout the body. Our intention is to diminish your heart rate, normalize your breathing and relax your muscles.

We’ll help your body to dissolve the protein chains of the stress hormone. How? With the help of your organism that will generate dopamine and serotonin within your organism.

Both hormones are liberated in high levels during this massage and help you get rid of the cortisol. Less cortisol in your organism = less stress.
This is the most noble of all our massages, since you can take it as often as you want and it doesn’t use to have any kind of contraindication.

We attend head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Your body will thank you all week.

We use hypoallergenic oil to avoid any kind of allergies or unwanted skin reactions. Enjoy it as well with our selection of relaxing music.

Features and benefits of a relaxation massage.

This massage is ideal to liberate stress accumulated during the week. We make you focus on your natural and deep breathing. We help you detecting by yourself the areas of your body afflicted by stress.

Focus on yourself, enjoy and relax. Your conscious breathing will help you diminish the levels of cortisol, the hormone of stress.

At the same time you’ll generate more dopamine (the hormone of happiness) and serotonin (hormone of emotional stability. Relaxing massage benefits are designed to balance your internal and external senses, which will allow you to enjoy each moment more fully and deeply.

Scientific studies have shown that deep breathing helps manage stress.

The cortisol and its components are easily dissolved when we concentrate on breathing for long periods of time.

For this reason, we are confident that the massage will help you improve your quality of life in the short, medium, and long term.
At the end, our therapist will give you a general evaluation and some recommendations to improve your physical condition. With this information, you are now ready to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage, whether for couples or individual sessions.

Recommendations for your massage.

We recommend keeping your eyes closed throughout the service and making sure that your breathing stays deep and natural throughout the hour, this will allow your body to reach a greater degree of relaxation, enhancing the effects of massage.

Like in every massage we bring the bed table, a couple of clean bed sheets, carrier and essential oils, and the music.
We only

need you to have enough room to install the equipment and for you to relax, since your en capable hands.
We do not suggest eating food at least one hour before starting your therapy.
If you are in a special condition, like pregnancy, a recent surgical intervention or any other that prevents you to take this or any massages, pleas let us know when booking your massage.

We are not responsible for side effects arising from such condition.
If what you want is to get rid of your contractures, this massage can be of great use for you.

However, in specific cases it might be a better choice to pick a massage from our selection of decontracting massages.

General Terms and Conditions.

Remember that our therapists can interrupt the services at any moment in case the Terms and conditions are not respected. There aren’t refunds in those situations.

For all of our massages you need to be wearing underwear: you must keep your underpants on at all times, we suggest the use of a bathrobe before laying on the bed table.

Our therapists do not provide service to naked people. This causes the cancellation of the service.

Our therapists are health and care professionals at SPA, please don’t ask them for anything outside their service.
Our platform does not offer or promote any kind of erotic services.

Check our terms and conditions.

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60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes

Single or Couple

Single, Couple

Schedule your massage

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