Swedish massage

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From European technique, Swedish massage is the father of Western massages. Gentle movements from your limbs and towards your heart will make you reach a deep state of relaxation. This technique is focused on improving joint function and decontracting muscles due to decreased stress.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the father of all Western massages. It is a technique created in the nineteenth century by the Swedish doctor Per Henrik Lin. Its properties are decontracting, however, its style is totally relaxing.

Because in the West there was not the same culture and education around massage as in the East, it was necessary to create a routine of movements that was easily accepted by Westerners: Americans and Europeans; who, unlike the Orientals, see in the massage a means of pleasure and relaxation.

The Swedish massage consists of a series of gentle and rhythmic manipulations throughout the body. It works with medium pressure and with movements such as effleurage, fans, eights and wrist rotations. In this massage there are few percussions with the hands and work, although it is strained the muscle, seeks fundamentally relaxation through the softness of the movements.

Swedish massage is the basis of most relaxing massage techniques. Their movements are slow and the therapist’s hands “knead” the muscles in their different groups, trying to relax them and make the patient aware of what he is feeling. It is an optimal massage for those who find it difficult to stay in the present moment or who have perceived the feeling of living distracted or out of themselves.

You will be able to continue to carry out exercises of high body demand for its decontracting effects. Enjoy smooth, repetitive movements from your limbs to the heart.

This masotherapy will allow you to focus with great depth on your person. Feel your body and release stress with very few sessions.

It is highly recommended for people who suffer from joint ills or chronic contractures.
You’ll notice a great improvement in the functioning of your muscles and joints. The most important thing for us is that therapy is highly restorative for you.

Features of the Swedish massage

The Swedish massage will help you enter a state of deep relaxation. Balance your mind and body. The therapist will perform constant movements firmly and gently. Each of the movements will start from your limbs to your heart. We will stimulate your circulatory system, your muscles and your emotions.

With the help of the music and aromatherapy, you will notice how your attention comes back to you. The Swedish massage is designed to help you pay attention to your body, improve your concentration and be more perceptive of the sensations in you.
Every contraction of muscles in our body usually has an emotional origin. During this therapy we invite you to let you feel both pleasant and unpleasant in you since many contractures and muscle tensions often result from denied or repressed emotions. With this massage you will be able to confront with these emotions and release them by yourself throughout the therapy.

The Swedish massage stimulates your muscles and heals your emotions.

This therapy aims initially to make your breathing deeper and more conscious.

In a second instance, we’ll look to relax your joints.

Third, we will stimulate the muscles to make them stop and the relief is complete.

Relax mind and body by enjoying one of our pampered therapies.

Recommendations before your Swedish massage

Avoid heavy or hard-to-digest foods at least a couple of hours before your massage.
Take good care of your personal hygiene and try to reduce the light of the space where the therapist Ndikandií will attend to you.
This massage includes relaxing aroma-therapy. Take it with closed windows and it will make the scent stay in your home throughout the day.

Terms and conditions.

Remember that when booking your massage you declare to accept all our Terms and Conditions. If we do not respect them, we will be forced to interrupt the service without the right to a refund.

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