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With the home call decontracting massage you’ll find out the benefits of the techniques such as Deep Tissue, and the Sport Massage, with the difference that this therapy will be focused on eliminating your contractures more than attending the whole body. It will get you on your feet again.

During the decontracting massage we perform firm and deep movements throughout the body Our main goal is to undo contractures produced by stress, bad postures or any discomfort of orthopedic origin.

You’ll notice the decreasing of pain and inflammation from the first session.

Stress is like high impact exercise, can be one of the principal causes of muscular contractures.

The decontracting massage will intervene directly on the muscle to decrease inflammation manually.

Through the different manipulations the therapist will seek the muscular relief of your body, but she’ll also make a complete reading of somatization of your emotions. Cause several contractures and aches can be caused by strong repressed emotions.

The holistic technique of the decontracting requires attention to the whole body, starting from the lower limbs, through the trunk, the arms and finally the head.

We use hypoallergenic oil to avoid any kind of allergies or unwanted skin reactions.

You’ll massage will be accompanied by relaxing music, so you can concentrate, relax and breath deeply. Controlled breathing decreases inflammation, the decontracting massage attenuates the pain and your wellness improves instantly.

Characteristics of the decontracting massage.

This massage is ideal to undo contractures, reduce muscle inflammation and corrects the negatives effects of bad postures. The therapy is performed in two stages, one facing down and the other facing up. Muscular pain is often the result of accumulated stress and of any muscular dysfunction.

The inflammation as much as the muscular pain will significantly decrease through the session. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate on telling it to the therapist.

The pressure of this massage doesn’t have to be painful or cause discomfort.
Cause the contractures have different origins, the therapist will give a firm attention to those that come from a physical cause. On the other hand she’ll give emotional and relaxing attention to those that have a psychic or emotional origin.

The decontracting massage will help you relieve the inflammation and pain immediately.

No matter if these come from the outside or from emotions. Even though the muscular pain caused by stress will decrease, the Swedish massage might be more effective in this situation.

Remember that cortisol, the stress hormone, produces inflammation in a cellular level. For this reason, a high accumulation of this hormone can cause inflammation or, in a worse case, muscular pain.

We’ll help you focus on breathing deeply and naturally, so that your body can relax and distend the contracted muscles. Firm manipulations on the muscle will help to stimulate it and will generate a natural effect of relaxation that will also reduce inflammation.

Focus on yourself, enjoy and relax. This massage will instantly improve your mood and physical health.
At the end, our therapist will give you a general evaluation and some recommendations to improve your physical condition.

Recommendations for your decontracting massage.

We recommend you to keep your eyes closed during the whole massage, and try to keep breathing deeply and naturally. in order to make the muscular pain disappear we’ll need your help by relaxing.
This decontracting massage can be very painful for certain people, don’t hesitate on notifying the therapists if you want her to reduce the pressure during the massage session.

In case you wants a lower intensity massage, we recommend you our relaxing massages.
We do not recommend to take this massage more than twice a month, cause it generates a relevant impact on muscles.
We only need you to have enough room for the equipment and for you to relax, cause you’re in good hands.
We do not suggest eating food at least one hour before starting your therapy.

Consult your doctor to know if there’s any obstacle for you to take a massage.

General Terms and Conditions.

By booking with us you declare to agree with our Terms and Conditions.
Remember that our therapists can interrupt the services at any moment in case the Terms and conditions are not respected. There aren’t refunds in those situations.

For all of our massages you need to be wearing underwear: you must keep your underpants on at all times, we suggest the use of a bathrobe before laying on the bed table.

Our therapists do not provide service to naked people. This causes the cancellation of the service.
Our therapists are health and care professionals at SPA, please don’t ask them for anything outside their service.
Our platform does not offer or promote any kind of erotic services.

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