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Enjoy this decontracting massage designed specifically for high performance athletes. You will see the benefits from the first session and become your permanent ally for the sport.

Sports mobile massage.

Sports massage at home is a deep tissue massahe designed especially for those who experience temporary or chronic muscle pain due to regular high-impact exercise. If you have chronic contractures, this massage is for you.

It is of great importance for high-performance athletes to attend muscle contractures from their onset since prolonged neglect of them can lead to their calcification.

With this massage you can undo the contractures that are in your body and prevent the formation of those that are only appearing. Because of its high intensity, you will also notice an improvement in your postures and immediate relief from pain.

As decontracting therapy, the technique used is from medium to strong pressure. Remember that for people of thin build it can be unpleasant to take strong massages.

Unlike Swedish massage, sports mobile massage involves a special technique to release physical tension and muscle knots. If you have stress contractures, we recommend Hawaiian massage or shiatsu massage more as their techniques are focused on body and emotional relief.

What is a contracture?

Contractures are involuntary contractions of the muscles. When they occur, the muscle becomes unable to return to its usual state of relaxation.

Contractures also involve inflammation, pain and decreased mobility.

They may be of physical or emotional origin. Among the first we find injuries from sudden or poorly executed movements; bumps or injuries caused by high-impact sports.

There are also contractures that derive from prolonged anaerobic exercise and the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue.

Poor posture when sitting in front of the computer or TV can also cause them.

Because of muscle inflammation, it may be hard to do certain activities in addition to feeling constant pain.


Contractures can also have emotional causes. El estrés, la preocupación o la mala higiene postural pueden provocarlas.

The sports massage is primarily designed to meet the symptomatology of contractures of physical origin.

To undo a contracture it is necessary to pay attention to what causes it. Running the exercise with a better technique, taking deflating, relaxing and stretching at the end of the physical activity session is of paramount importance.

During the mobile sports massage…

This therapy has been planned to give prompt attention to external physiological etiology contractures, rather than for contractures due to poor postures or emotional cause. We will take a greater care of the groups of muscles and joints affected by pain and inflammation. The pressure will be strong but you can ask the therapist to adjust it at any time.

This massage is not more effective if it hurts. It is important that in case of any pain you tell the therapist.

We also recommend focusing on having a deep and leisurely breath. This will help your muscles relax and allow your therapy to be more effective.

Recommendations before getting your mobile sports massage.

While sports massage at home has immediate therapeutic properties, it is important that if you are injured, you consult your doctor first. Under any circumstances you can take the sport massage (or any other massage) having any fractures, recent operations or open wounds.

The sport massage will help you deflate areas affected by poor exercise or high-impact exercise. It will untie “knots” in your muscles and it will let them relax.

The therapist will ask you a few short questions before starting your massage about your current status.

The information you can provide about injuries or contractures is very useful. Same goes if you have gone to rehabilitation therapy or if you are taking any anti-inflammatory, it will help us take better care of you. Massage yields greater effects when you attend to all dimensions of your health. It is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Recommendations during your mobile sports massage.

Focus on the music and in the therapist’s voice. Make sure you’re aware of your breathing throughout therapy, if you fall asleep, there’s no problem.

Inhale with your nose deep and breathe through your mouth slowly. As you deepen your breathing, it will be easier for your body to relax.
Do your best to relax your body and mind. You are in good hands and by the end of the massage many of the pains will have gone or decreased significantly.

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