Deep Tissue massage


Our Deep Tissue massages are the best therapy to intervene in a prompt and effective way the discomfort generated by contractures generated by high impact exercise, bad postures or high stress. It is a high intensity massage and prolonged effects up to a week after taking it.


Deep Tissue massage

Our flagship service for undoing contractures is called Deep Tissue Massage. . Unlike most massages, this technique will not give you the relaxation or pleasure of a massage. Its purpose is much more therapeutic and functional than emotional or sensitive.

We will seek to relax your muscles through a deep intervention in them. Therefore, the therapist will use the strength of her body and hands to “knead” your muscle tissues thoroughly and manage to undo even the deepest contractures.

But, does it hurt?

Yes, a little bit We’re not going to say no. But the pain you’ll feel will be because of the contractures you have and never because the therapist hurts you. If pain occurs after receiving this massage, it should not last more than 24 hours after your therapy. In the event that it lasts longer, there may be an injury and you can contact us. Fortunately this wouldn’t have to happen.

The Deep Tissue massage consists of firm, strong and deep movements in muscle tissue. Through the vigorous stimulation of the muscle we will be able to activate it and undo the contractures that are in it. Unlike other types of massages where it is intended to undo contractures through relaxation, deep tissue massage seeks to undo them by direct contact of the muscle with the hands of the therapist.

We recommend this massage if you have contracted muscles because of the exercising, if you have very high levels of stress or if the bad postures have already generated contractures for a long time. High-impact exercise usually generates constant contact in athletes. That’s why, along with our sports massage,this is our best choice for them.

Remember that deep tissue massage cannot be taken daily because of its high level of intensity. We recommend this once a week, at most unless your doctor or family physical therapist tells you to have a higher frequency.

Deep Tissue Massage Features

During this therapy, we will use arms, forearms, elbows and hands to strongly stimulate all your muscle groups. The therapist will use your physical strength and the strength of your own weight to apply pressure throughout the body. The movements will be slow, but deep. This therapy does not stay in the surface of the skin but stimulates all layers to penetrate deep into muscle tissue.

The intensity and pressure of the massage can be adjusted during therapy if the pain does not allow you to move on. It is not the purpose of this massage to hurt you in any way although depending on your current state and the severity of your contractures, it can be more or less painful.

You may feel a little sore at the end of this massage. This is normal, however, the pain should not increase but decrease the next day. Over the days you will notice a great improvement in your ability to move your limbs, as well as greater flexibility of your trunk.

Take this massage every fortnight if you’re a high-performance athlete or every month if you have chronic contractures caused by stress.

Deep tissue massage can be extremely effective in relieving myostatic (caused by severe hard work) and pseudomystatic contractures (caused by damage to the nervous system due to stress).

Terms and conditions.

Remember that when you book your massage you declare to accept all the terms and conditions of our platform. If we do not respect or fail to comply, we will find ourselves in the need to cancel the service without the right to a refund.

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