Mayan massage

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Mayan massage is a therapy with rebozo in which the therapist will carry your weight to stretch and flex your back, neck and joints. Highly recommended for people with chronic contractures.

Mayan massage

Discover the benefits of the Mayan massage tradition in the comfort of your home.

This rebozo technique is a great way to give your body a lasting relief.

One of the things we like most about this massage is that it doesn’t require a massage table. However, our therapists will carry a mat and a rebozo to carry out your therapy. .

This therapy will undo contractures and help you regain the mobility of your joints.

Benefits of mayan massage.

The massage with rebozo is taken at a ground level, so a massage table is not necessary. A floor-level mat or mattress is used. The therapist will use a rebozo to perform a stretch of your limbs, neck and head. During stretches we’ll help you detect joint contractures and dysfunctions.

The sensation derived from this massage is very similar to the experience of lying in a hammock. We’ll use the strength of your own weight to give you relief.

Unlike what happens when you lie in a hammock, this massage is designed with the total intention of tending all your muscles. From your legs to your head, we’ll perform rotations, push-ups, and stretches to give you relief. So if you were planning on doing your yoga therapy on your house’s hammock you won’t need to do that anymore.:)

Mayan massage with rebozo will also help you stretch your muscles consciously.

You’re likely to feel how tension becomes present in every part of your body, from your feet to your head. This is completely normal and it means that you’re paying attention to your body. At the end of this massage you’ll feel a great relief.

This therapy is suitable for people with chronic contractures, sciatica and back pain. It helps untie knots and contractures in a natural way and to release locked joints.
In addition, because it is a technique where your own weight exerts strength, you’ll recognize better what makes you uncomfortable and prevent the recurrence of pain.

Recommendations before your Mayan massage.

Tell your therapist about any injuries or contractures before starting your massage. If you don’t know of any, also tell it to perform a previous scan.

In case you have any recent injury or operation, consult your doctor before taking this massage.

During the Mayan massage we will perform several series of stretches with the rebozo, including your head. If you’re used to some kind of exercise, it may be a good time to schedule your massage after it so that your muscles are warm.

Consider that the masseur will do her best to loosen your body during the session. Some stretches can cause “crack sounds”, but they’re safe and you don’t have to worry. this sound is often caused by an air bubble being released in the joints. Your bones are accommodated to take their rightful place, the Mayan massage is completely risk-free.

At the end of the Mayan massage, you can also consider continuing with the stretches or taking a yoga class.
Remember that your good personal hygiene will make it easier for our therapists to work and your massage experience will be even better.

Characteristics of Mayan massage.

During this massage, the therapist will lift and stretch your legs, arms, hip, chest and head with the rebozo. The purpose of this massage is to distribute the weight of your body naturally and use that strength to heal you.
The massage doesn’t require any kind of physical effort. Some joints may make noise during therapy, however you don’t have to worry: our therapists know the right technique well and won’t cause any injury.
Although the Mayan massage has fundamentally decontracting properties, if you are looking to relax, you may be more interested in our relaxing massages.

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