Hot Stone Massage – Immediate relief for pain

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Our hot stone massage is ideal for the relief of contractures in the back. Relax your muscles with a pleasant feeling of warmth on your spine, arms, and legs.

Schedule your session for 90 minutes or more to achieve the maximum effectiveness of this massage.

Hot stones massage


Our hot stone massage will help you find a deep state of emotional and muscle relaxation. When you come into contact with your skin, hot stones will help you relax even the most numb muscles.

The minimum duration for this massage is 90 minutes.

Nothing better to end a week full of tension and hustle. The hot stone massage will allow you to rest and concentrate on your next life mission.

And you deserve it… we’re convinced of that.

Your back is the most important part of your body for your daily physical activity: it holds, joins and encourages everything in you. That’s why the back is the most prone to contractures and pains. Our balance, strength and stability depend on it both when walking and being at rest.

The massage with hot stones will focus on attending the muscle groups of your high and low back. Your relaxation will depend on the benefits of your massage as you will regain mobility in the limbs and flexibility in all your postures.

The aroma-therapy and music-therapy with which we will accompany your hot stones massage will allow us to achieve a higher level of relaxation. We want you to be able to feel your whole body from your feet to your head and relax it through a leisurely breath.

Characteristics of the hot stones massage.

During hot stones massage we grant relief to your back through heat conduction. Your back is the main accumulator of stress hormone (cortisol) for its various functions. The heat granted by hot stones will give you immediate relief.

In addition, with the help of music and aromatherapy, we will look for your back to relax inside and out. The external action of the stones will generate a beneficial contraction of the muscle, which will be relieved at the end of your therapy.

Music and aroma therapy will help you slow down and deepen the rhythm of your breathing. By breathing better and with greater breaks, your body will understand that it must relax and you can enjoy even more the benefit of the thermo-therapy of the stones.

We will also place the stones on your legs, arms and hands throughout the massage. Enjoy the warm sensation and observe your body’s reaction to the different stimuli.

The stones are heated to a maximum temperature of 50 °C (122 °F) so that they do not hurt your skin. Sweating caused by hot stone massage also generates the release of toxins in your body, making you feel lighter at the end of your therapy.

During your therapy, the masseur will also put a slight pressure on the stones. We will seek to align your nerve endings, relax the vertebrae and detect contractures or inflammations. Remember that all our massages are accompanied by music and aromatic therapy.

Benefits of hot stones massage.

Improve your circulation by the constant effect of color on your spine. You will find risk-free relief as we will not perform strong manipulations on your muscles. You will be the one who, by relaxing with the hot sensation and concentrating on your breathing, grant the relief to your body.

Sweat caused by this therapy is extremely beneficial: you will find your body with greater calm while your breaths will get longer and deeper.

Feel more awake: you will generate with this massage the hormone “serotonin” related to emotional balance. You’ll notice a change in your mood from the beginning to the end of your therapy with a continuous, lasting feeling.

Recover yout energy. The massage with hot stones will reactivate your whole body in harmony with the music and aromas.

Reduces contractures: the stimulation of heat on contracted muscles will cause a decrease in inflammation at the end of the massage for the next 24 hours.
This massage is also part of our business solutions.

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90 minutes, 120 minutes

Single or Couple

Single, Couple

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